Do you think the iPhone 8 is free to distribute AirPods?

Ten anniversary edition from the apple iPhone is released too early, but the fact is really about iPhone 8, basically able to piece together a complete mobile phone. It really have to admire the imagination of netizens. Even Tim cook, apple’s chief executive, complained at the recent earnings conference that people are not buying the iPhone because the new machine is making too much noise. Wholesale cell phone accessories from China factory.

Do you think the iPhone 8 is free to distribute AirPods?
J.p. Morgan analysts by tracking channels of supply chain in the asia-pacific region, is said to have a new discovery – apple wireless headset AirPods will as a free accessories, included in the packaging of the iPhone 8. That means a piece of headphone accessories, priced at 1288 yuan, will be a free standard for the iPhone 8. In the face of such a revelation, the powder can’t help but raise the question: could such a good thing happen?

Believe that fans still memories of the controversy of 7 released the iPhone, apple has decisively to cancel the phone at the bottom of the 3.5 mm headphone jack, this let fans very panic, fear the wired headset henceforth worthless things at hand. The legendary AirPods exists, but it is not as said, become the iPhone 7 standard accessories, but separately on sale, and that cost up to $1288, so that many users looking away!

Do you think the iPhone 8 is free to distribute AirPods?
Given that AIrPods are not cheap, more people think apple should use the EarPods of Lightning connectors rather than the more expensive AIrPods. Maybe we can see that apple than simply provide a solution, more concerned about it in the eyes of the deployment of the “wireless era”, such as the most likely to use the wireless charging technology on the iPhone 8.

We have no way of confirming the reliability of the Revelations, after all. But the iPhone 8 is actually called the iPhone Edition, and there will be rumors of the so-called “tenth anniversary Edition”. In such a phone with a memorable, apple wants to be able to do in every aspect as far as possible a good experience, then AirPods as the standard, more can let a person produce the feeling.

Of course, if the AIrPods can be shipped with the iPhone 8, that’s a good thing. But before we cheer, we need to think again: is there any chance that the iPhone 8 will come with the AirPods?

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