Samsung S8 has a double photo, too? Suspected dual-camera exposure

Before the launch of each flagship smartphone, we will see a lot of rumors and new news about it, especially star products like the samsung Galaxy S8. Wholesale cell phone accessories is a big business. In these rumors, some may be a media “wishful thinking” speculation, but there are some rumors didn’t become a reality, but is a part of the plan originally, only has not been adopted suggestion finally. For example, the samsung Galaxy S8’s dual camera is the case.

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A recent series of photos of the Galaxy S8 prototype has reconfirmed the idea that the Galaxy S8 also had a dual-camera idea that was ultimately not used in actual products.

Dual cameras now, everyone is doing, even apple such a stubborn old man, all using the dual cameras on the iPhone 7 Plus configuration, and in the Galaxy at the beginning of the S8 before release, there are a lot of people think so. So when the Galaxy S8 was officially released, we saw only one camera that disappointed many samsung fans.

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However, it is clear that the Galaxy S8 has a dual camera, not a fan’s “wishful thinking”. Apparently, samsung has had such a plan before, and even has produced a real prototype, and it does have a dual-camera design. The photos of the Galaxy S8 dual-camera prototype further confirm the claim.
So why did samsung end up using a dual-camera on the Galaxy S8? This is clearly an unsolved mystery. Samsung may think, the Galaxy S8 picture effect is good enough, increase dual cameras will not only additional costs at the same time, also not necessarily expect the effect of 1 + 1 is greater than 2, so eventually gave up the practice.
Another possibility is that the Galaxy S8 has abandoned the design of the Home button on the front, so it has to be moved to the back of the fuselage. Then buy fingerprint identification maybe with the Galaxy S8 clashed dual cameras, so samsung is definitely the future rear retain the function of fingerprint identification and was forced to abandon the double camera design, more space to make room for fingerprint sensor.
And it also makes the Galaxy S8 missed as samsung’s first equipped with dual cameras smartphone best practice, and according to the outside world to see, the award will fall to samsung in the end, new Galaxy C10, and will soon and we meet.

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