Can human-computer interaction technology bring another revolutionary touch screen to be replaced by speech?

Apple unveiled the home pod smart speaker at this year’s global developers conference, marking the start of the smart box war. We are watching to see which company can win this battle and become the market leader in smart speakers. The Wholesalers begin to wholesale cell phone accessories.

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Although interested in science and technology users, have begun to put smart speakers into their lives, and lack of interest in science and technology users, is reluctant to buy due to concerns about security, using intelligent speakers. Whether or not they are interested in technology, there is a consensus that the trend towards voice assistant technology is showing no signs of slowing down. Voice assistant technology has been around for decades, but it has only begun to apply to cars, mobile phones, refrigerators, and even lighting fixtures in recent years. Smart speakers and their underlying technical voice assistants, controlling all kinds of home appliances, are a sign that we are at another point in the technological revolution.

After all, the voice assistant tech world war is a subtle and powerful signal that the era of screen as human-computer interaction is coming to an end.

Why is the screen less competitive than voice?

When using voice as a tool for transmitting and gathering information, we use a deeper and more primitive part of human nature, according to the American linguistic society. Although human writing is only about 6,000 years old, the history of talking is much longer. Children start dentistry when they are two years old, but writing (especially clearly writing) is much later. Voice is the original user interface of communication.

When we want to quickly check the weather information, sports scores or flight departure time, we should ask aloud, rather than loading a web page, enter a search keyword, then filtering search results and read the information.

Of course, for some search queries, we don’t want to be read out loud, such as “find a jewelry store that sells wedding rings nearby.” Some search results for search terms are visual information – for example, “let me see the design of a wedding ring”.

But for many daily tasks that require general information, voice assistant technology provides a quick way to organize information and get better data for life.

Who will be the smart speaker market leader?

The smart speaker wants to be a natural way to interact with technology, VentureBeat says, which means that, with precise results and functionality, the closest thing to a truly human communication vendor will be the last laugh.

Can smart speakers distinguish between children and adults and adjust their results accordingly? Is it able to send a text that accurately expresses its intention to other people (the speech is translated into text) and marks the correct punctuation? Does the user know he is communicating with the machine?

Amazon adds some humorous responses to Alexa’s voice assistant (the core of the Echo smart speaker), making the device appear more “personal” and human savvy. Google hired a former Pixar artist to help create the personality of Google’s assistant. Apple announced Siri improvements in speech aspects, such as the sound more natural, and make full use of available schedule, location, cell phone information such as the currently running application, add background information for Siri “reply”.

Not only are the smart speakers trying to replace the screen, but the makers of them also want to use the human experience of artificial intelligence to replace the technology.

The future challenges of smart speakers

The idea that smart speakers don’t need powerful algorithms and technology is silly, and it’s worth pointing out that there are limits to the speech synthesis technology used by some smart speakers. Siri now USES voice from voice actor Susan Bennett.

VentureBeat said, with the development of the voice assistant technology, more and more companies are using this new type of interactive technology, brand may be looking for and they are very sound – not only refers to the quality, also refers to the manner.

Brands must do their best when creatively integrating voice into websites and products. As the screen is replaced, the voice becomes the center again, and the user experience/user interface design elements will become more important.

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