The most reliable rendering of samsung Note 9: horizontal double-photo rear fingerprint design

The Note 9 does seem to be a “toothpaste squeeze” product, at least in terms of design. Has revealed a great god @ Onleaks according to CAD drawings, from factories for us to make the samsung Note 9 multi-perspective rendering, looks basically is the continuation of the family of design language, but the width of the shortened the mobile jaw and equipped with a larger screen, the back is side-by-side in double taken placed below the fingerprint unlock keys, allegedly in the system, S – Pen stylus and battery capacity upgrade, will debut in New York on August 9.
Rendering exposure
Samsung Note 9 also had various rendering are exposed in the past, but this fact render of the great god @ Onleaks release plan according to the CAD drawings from factories, so it will be more close to the machine in the future real appearance. As rumors in the past, however, samsung Note 9 on the whole did not make big changes, but the chin to become narrower than in the past, at the same time is double taken in rank below placement on the back of the fingerprint unlock buttons. Wholesale Cell Phone Accessories from
Compared with the 162.5×74.8×8.6mm body size of the samsung Note 8, the overall size of the samsung Note 9 has changed to 161.9×76.3×8.8mm, which means the body is relatively shorter, including the increase in thickness and width. However, due to the samsung Note 9 is equipped with a larger 6.38 -inch general curved surface screen, so it also means that in the case of fuselage size difference is not too big, the new screen proportion will get further improvement.
The upgrade of S Pen is huge

According to current reports, samsung’s Note 9 has limited hardware upgrades, focusing on system optimization and stylus improvements. The samsung Note9’s S Pen Pen Pen has added some interactive features, possibly the biggest update in generations, according to a source on twitter. Previously, some netizens have reported that the samsung Note series’ S Pen Pen Pen Pen Pen Pen will have a big improvement, and even the future propaganda will be related to the writing experience.
As for samsung a tremendous effort for system optimization, the rumors will carry a new Crown UX, although temporarily no more details were disclosed, but the universe from @ I ice on weibo released Android version of the samsung 8.1.0 system integrated run + point result, mononuclear reached $3430, and multi-core even broken grades, samsung Note 9 May mean that the future will also depend on the system optimization and obtain better control fluid performance.

It was announced on August 9th

It is worth mentioning that the samsung Note 9 fuselage becomes thicker also may be about with larger capacity of the battery, will reportedly using SLP motherboard design, the battery capacity of up to 4000 mah, rather than the legendary 3850 mah. Unfortunately, the samsung Note 9 has largely been ruled out of screen fingerprinting. As for the processor, it is still a combination of snapdragon 845 and Exynos9810, starting with a standard 6GB memory, and it is likely to launch a top-of-the-line version such as an 8+512GB storage combination.
The galaxy Note 9 will also be available in five colors: black, blue, purple, brown and silver, but there is no word on the camera’s specs. According to bloomberg, samsung’s Note 9 will be officially released in New York on August 9.

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