Meizu mysterious concept machine exposure, or graphene flexible screen

Meizu’s flagship phone, the meizu 15, launched this year, may be loved by many of its friends, but for Mr. Huang, it doesn’t seem extreme enough. Therefore, huang said recently that this mobile phone is just a trial and error of his own, indicating that his next generation of products will have a more powerful breakthrough. Recently, some netizens have exposed the information of a mysterious concept machine of meizu on the Internet, which will be a very extreme mobile phone!
Nowadays, many mobile phone brands pay more and more attention to technological innovation, so there are a lot of dazzle technology concept machines in the market. For example, xiaomi’s previous MIX and vivo’s APEX, both of which have very avant-garde designs, are equipped with a lot of “black technology” and dazzle netizens. While meizu is a brand that has its own pursuit in design, the concept machine launched by meizu will also be very cool.
Yang zhe, senior vice President of meizu technology and general staff member of meizu, said meizu was working on a concept phone at the time of the meizu salon. Users later exposed the meizu patent documents and saw that the phone would have a graphene flexible screen, a technology that could lead to a real, comprehensive upgrade. Because graphene flexible screens have high light transmittance, low resistivity, crash-resistant and flexible features, they can hide front-facing cameras and sensors under the screen.
If meizu can make this mobile phone, it will surprise theĀ Wholesale Cell Phone Accessories industry. The exact time of the phone’s release is not known, after all, as there are a number of technical issues that need to be addressed.

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