It may be fake but mobile phones are getting more expensive

Two weeks before samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 was released, the basic look and feel of the device has been confirmed, and even the leaked open case of video is flowing online. The only thing that hasn’t been revealed is the price. Foreign media said that they have a European version of the price list, the Galaxy Note 9 will only have the beggar version and the emperor version, the 128GB version of the beggar version sold for 1050 euros , and the emperor version of 512GB sold for up to 1,250 euros, which translates to 10,000 yuan, renewing the flagship price. Wholesale Cell Phone Accessories from china factory.
Since apple released its 10th anniversary iPhone X last year, the price of its flagship phone has been renewed (luxury, custom and limited editions are not included). Is it a legendary “consumer upgrade” that an open phone can sell for 8388 or 9688? But with apple as a role model, other companies can follow apple’s pricing strategy to make their flagship phones more expensive.
This time it’s samsung turn, according to the, Galaxy Note 9 beggar version will have 6 gb of memory, 128 gb of storage space, is not said before 64 gb, there are three color optional, black, blue, purple, Europe price 1050 euros (8369 yuan), and the emperor directly on the 512 gb of storage space, possibly even with 8 gb of memory, price also rose to 1250 euros, conversion into RMB is ten thousand yuan.
As a comparison, the price of Galaxy S9 of bank of China is RMB 5,799 for 4GB+64GB version and RMB 6,099 for 4GB+128GB version. Galaxy S9+ has all 6GB of memory, including 6,699 yuan for 64GB version, 6,999 yuan for 128GB version and 7,599 yuan for the 256GB version.
Of course, this has not been confirmed in any way. Judging from the pricing in Europe, the price in China will not be so expensive. But can not deny the fact that the smartphone as the accessories cost increases and market tightening force mobile phone manufacturers improve sells for a profit, in this two years really push the item price, even before the millet to do his duty 1999 yuan of “death” are now reached 2699 this gear, smartphone comprehensive price increases at this stage is inevitable.

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