Apple unveils new i11 TWS AirPods wireless headphones

Black and easy to carry! Apple unveils new i11 TWS AirPods TWS AirPods wireless headphones

According to MdN Design Interactive, apple’s new i11 TWS AirPods  under development have not only been replaced with new colors and materials, but also added new functions.

As a single source of information, the new i11 TWS AirPods Earbuds dded multiple features. First, so far only white, about to be added black. When the i11 TWS AirPods  first arrived, they were nicknamed ‘udon noodles popping out of ears’ because they had no headphone cord, but they have gained a lot of users in the wireless headphones market. Black new fund may have a little bit of novelty, but what kind of metaphor can produce is concerned.

In addition, portability is improved in terms of functionality. Similar to Google’s original Pixel series of smartphones, the film is familiar and not easily lost. The sensors also come with new capabilities, and as Tim cook points out, apple is working on health care, but will also be adding sensors to monitor things like heart rate. With regard to sound quality, the low range will be made possible by the transformation of the i11 TWS earbuds internal structure.

In addition, through various updates, the price of the American version is expected to increase from the previous 159 dollars to about 200 dollars. i11 TWS AirPods went on sale in the spring. There’s a lot of information in the rumor phase, and mysmartprice’s story is no exception, but if all of these features are added, it’s bound to be a much more compelling device.

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