i11 TWS AirPods bluetooth headset, good music cute non-stop

Headset market every year, new, strange, various price range of headphones, speaking of i11 TWS AirPods bluetooth headset (” real wireless stereo “), one of the most popular is the “apple i11 TWS Airpods bluetooth headset, when talking about the price, I blush, thousands of yuan can not to listen to most people, the common fault of the wireless bluetooth headset is easily lost, lost don’t heartache for a long time since one thousand. Today to recommend to the home is a special lovely, lovely thousand unreal adorable pet i11 TWS AirPods bluetooth headset, how cute it is, anyway, see, you will love!

The outer package of thousand magic pets earphones is worth praising. The transparent window is used to directly present the pink earphones of thousand magic pets in front of your eyes, which is lovely in the shape of kawaii.
The back of the box is about the headset product model, weight, size and other related parameters.

Product list:
A pair of headphone hosts, i11 TWS Earbuds charging bin, usb charging cable, one hanging rope, three pairs of earcaps of different sizes, and one user manual.
The most attractive part of this magic pet earphone is its earphone appearance design. The “eyes” of the pet can be so wonderful that you can “take” it to wear and listen to music. The whole head of the pet is a perfect combination of the earphone and the charging bin. Whole of spoil the fuselage design special lovely, cute, little brother, little sister met, the heart also will be to sprout, pink airframe design, compact and smooth, the whole body size 54 * * 52 mm, 52, like eggs around eyes symmetrical design, small pointy ears, mouth, use every day, the mood will be better, “why are you so cute! O ha ha ~ O (studying studying)

The “OPEN” button is designed on the base of the cute pet earphone. When pressed, the “eye” part will bulge outward for easy removal of the earphone.
The whole body is about 50g, and a pair of earphones is only about 10g, without any sense of weight bearing. After taking out the earphones, there will be some “holes” in the eyes. However, the holes in the eyes are just the charging bin of the earphones, which will be absorbed by a magnetic force when the earphones approach. Current earphone has girl pink, pearl white, phantom black tricolor optional.
Ergonomic design of pet headset, 45 ° inclined into ways of wearing can fit closely auricle contour design, comfortable wearing, earmuffs with liquid silicone, close skin soft, can achieve filling the inner sealed noise insulation performance, wear headphones around ears, headphones fuselage has multifunction button design, i11 TWS which can realize the switch machine, pause/play, hang up, switch songs, volume, and other functions, special intelligence.

The base is built with 500mAh preferably high-performance polymer battery. In addition, special 50mAh rechargeable lithium battery is built in the right and left ears, which is not afraid of power shortage. It takes about 1 hour to charge, 3-4 hours to talk, and 30 days to shut down. The whites of the headset’s eyes are hidden by led lights, and charging is also cute.
The rear of the body is also designed with a hanging rope hole, with hanging rope, it is more convenient to carry out.
Long press the “multi-function button” for 3 seconds. The red and green led lights will flash. The left and right ears will enter the pairing mode.
Headset design has a unique cavity structure, can rise the effect of shielding flat, reduce the distortion effect, the high fidelity of built-in 8 mm moving coil, HIFI sound quality, the overall experience, triple frequency equilibrium, low-frequency descend, intermediate frequency vocals interpretation in place, resolving power is good, high frequency loud, strong penetrating power, in a word, a headset is very immersive, stop!

1, the appearance design is lovely, lovely, the eye design is bold, creative, pink more please little girl’s love;

2. IPX4 waterproof, no pressure for sports and fitness;

3, i11 TWS light weight, no sense of weight, 45 ° to wear, wear close skin, comfortable;

4. Multi-function button is designed to switch the machine on and off, pause/play, answer or hang up the phone, switch songs, adjust the volume and other functions, especially intelligent;

5. Endurance.Price less than 200USD, you can easily enjoy the joy of music! Wholesale Cell Phone Accessories from China Factory NOW!

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