i12 TWS

The Apple AirPods i12 TWS  wireless headphones that were unveiled with the iPhone 7 at Apple’s fall 2016 event on September 8, Beijing time.

The i12 TWS Airpods built-in infrared sensor of the earphone can automatically identify whether the earphone is playing automatically in the ear.

i12 TWS Earphone

By double-clicking i12 TWS, Siri can be controlled. Battery life of 5 hours, with headphones automatically play music, beam microphone effect is better, double click on the headset to open Siri, i12 TWS charging box support 24 hours of battery life, the connection is very simple, only need to open you can let the iPhone automatically identify.

On December 13, 2016, apple i12 TWS Earphone announced that orders could be opened.

The built-in infrared sensor can automatically identify whether the i12 TWS Airpods headset is playing automatically in the ear, through the double-click control Siri control. In addition, the battery life can reach 5 hours of continuous use.

The new wireless headphones have built-in optical sensors and accelerometers. You can also tap into i12 TWS earbuds by double-clicking on the wireless headset. The headphones also filter noise and ensure sound quality while the user is on the phone.

i12 TWS Earbuds

The new headphones are synced with iCloud, which automatically connects to the iPhone as well as the Apple Watch and Macbook.

The AirPods’ microphones feature beamforming technology.

Double-clicking on the i12 TWS AirPods activates Siri, which you can ask it questions to write messages or control music playback.

How to pair your headphones: simply tap the button on the back of the AirPods’ storage box to put them into pairing mode. Then simply bring them close to your iPhone i12 TWS, which will pop up a dialog and click the button on the screen to complete the pairing. In this dialog, you can also see the power of the headphones and the storage box
Compatible editing

Compatibility for i12 TWS Wireless Airpods is as follows :

The iPhone

The iPhone XS

The iPhone XS Max

The iPhone XR

The iPhone X

The iPhone 8

Eight Plus the iPhone

The iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 6 s

The iPhone 6 s Plus

The iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 Plus

The SE

The iPhone 5 s

The iPhone 5 c

The iPhone 5

The device

IPad Pro 12.9 inches (second generation)

IPad Pro 12.9 inches (first generation)

The iPad Pro measures 10.5 inches

The iPad Pro is 9.7 inches

IPad (6th generation)

IPad (5th generation)

The mini 4

The mini 3

The mini 2

The Air 2

The Air


i12 TWS Headphone Series 4

Series 3

The Series 2

Series 1

The iPod

Sixth generation iPod touch

Note: all iPhone,iPad and iPod touch should be installed with iOS 10 or later, and Apple Watch should be installed with Watch OS 4 or later. i12 TWS

Related event editing

In February 2018, i12 TWS Wireless Airpods, a man in Florida, USA, reported that he was at the gym listening to a music workout when the AirPods in his right ear suddenly started smoking. He quickly took out the headphones and threw them on the ground. Apple said it was investigating the situation and would contact Colon for i12 TWS further details

i12 TWS